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Do girls like guys who drive trucks?

Do girls like guys who drive trucks?

A recent survey by wanted to know what kind of cars attracted men and women to the opposite sex. From what we see everyday in the media, I had thought that this topic pretty much already had its answer. Needless to say, the results were somewhat surprising.

Women on an Attractive Man’s Car

Image courtesy of Truck Trend

Our media generally portrays women as being attracted to men with sports cars or exotic cars. Based on this survey, at least, it would seem that a large majority of women like a man with a pickup truck. Admittedly, this result surprised me a bit. When I think of a man in a pick up truck, I generally think of three types of men: 1. the frat boy or surfer with their lifted «bro» truck, 2. rednecks or 3. the construction worker or farm hand that actually needs the truck for work. I can maybe see why a woman could be attracted to a hard- working man who uses his truck for its intended purpose, but not so much the «bro» truck owner.

This survey also asked of women what make and color their attractive man would drive. The results put Ford as the top runner for make, with the color black being the women’s car color choice for the attractive man. Why? Ford’s best selling vehicle is the F-150 pickup truck after all. As for the choice of color? We will get to that in a little bit.

Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor of was asked about these results. Wiesenfelder finds these results to be fairly accurate, stating that the general public finds a man with a black pickup truck to be masculine. To Wiesenfelder, women see a man with a pick up as «. a guy who can help me move, bring me large gifts from Crate & Barrel and do repairs around my condo.» As for the reason behind women picking black as the most attractive color for an attractive man’s car? Black is actually a difficult color to maintain on a car, and Wiesenfelder adds that a woman who sees a man with a clean black car might think that it is a man who can help clean her car too.

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Mike Magrath and Jessica Caldwell of also weighed in on the survey, finding it plausible, if not exactly scientifically accurate. Magrath views the truck owner as a rugged man who is still financially well off enough to buy one and maintain it. Caldwell agrees that trucks give off the «rugged man» image, but personally prefers a more «cosmopolitan» man in a Range Rover or Tesla.

Men on an Attractive Woman’s Car

Image courtesy of

The survey results for what kind of car men prefer to see an attractive woman in does not
surprise me in the least. Sports cars have an overwhelming lead over every other type of car asked. In modern media, women who drive sports cars are almost always portrayed as being sexy and financially well off. As for make and color, men tend to prefer women in BMWs and red colored cars.

Though there are probably many factors to men picking BMWs as the attractive woman’s car of choice, Wisenfelder points out one factor that I somewhat agree with. Wisenfelder points out that a BMW, being a luxury car, suggests that the owner has disposable income. He says, «As a single man, that’s attractive to me. I don’t want to carry the entire relationship.» I say that I somewhat agree with Wisenfelder’s point because while it may be true an attractive woman driving a BMW may be financially responsible, there are also women who drive BMWs that act like princesses, expect men to pay for everything, and the BMW was actually paid for by her parents or a trust fund.

Other Factors to Consider

Image courtesy of

Make, model, and color are not the only factors men and women consider when looking at the attractiveness of the opposite sex. Vehicle cleanliness (both inside and out), vehicle reliability, as well as other automotive related «turn-offs» were also a part of this survey.

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The biggest factor that both genders agree on is vehicle cleanliness. Both men and women agree that a clean vehicle, both inside and out, generally indicates that the owner takes good care of themselves as well. Magrath also goes on to mention that the cleanliness of a vehicle also reflects how a person maintains their possessions as well.

There are also a couple of automotive «turn-offs» that the survey team asked of the survey group. Some of these turn-offs included:

  • Cigarette butts in the ashtray
  • Trash on the seat
  • Playing bad, loud music
  • Political bumper stickers
  • Dents
  • Loud exhaust
  • Pine tree air fresheners

Survey Says.
Long story short, your car and how you maintain it can reflect the type of person you are. Granted, this may not be 100% accurate as there are factors that can be leveraged to boost your odds with the opposite sex. At the very least, it does give you something to think about if you find yourself at home by yourself on Valentine’s Day this year. Who knows, it could very well be your car that is preventing you from getting a date!


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January 19 2022 in Truck Driving

What It’s Like Being a Woman Truck Driver

There is no getting around the fact: although strides have been made in terms of equality across many industries in recent decades, truck driving is still seen primarily as a man’s game. Estimates place the proportion of women in the industry at around 6%. Put another way, that means for every 16 trucks being driven on our roads, only one of them at most will have a female truck driver in the driver’s seat. If you’re a woman considering a career as a trucker, here’s what you need to know.

Truck driving as a woman: The realities

The biggest hurdle that women truckers face is tradition; more specifically, the gender roles are often associated with the binary of men and women. It’s still generally assumed that women will be the primary caretakers of their children and homes, which isn’t especially conducive to spending days or even weeks on the road. However, for women who are attracted to the idea of an adventurous lifestyle on the highways, the job certainly has its advantages.

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Among these advantages is a high level of independence, a good starting salary, and oftentimes an excellent employee benefits package that includes full medical and vision insurance. Plus, one big bonus is that, unlike a lot of other industries, there is no gender pay gap to speak of in the trucking sector. On average, what men get paid for driving big rigs, women are also paid equal amounts.

Is truck driving a true meritocracy?

One advantage that truck driving has for its applicants is that, as long as you can qualify for your commercial driver’s license (CDL), you’re trusted to handle the job, regardless of your age or gender. While hiring in other industries has grown increasingly more and more biased towards younger demographics, once you’ve shown you can reliably handle a truck, you’re considered a safe hire. Women’s truck driver safety, as with men’s, doesn’t seem to waver with age. It’s not uncommon for drivers to start their trucking career for the first time in their 40s and 50s, making it an ideal job for newly independent women with older kids who’ve left the nest.

There’s a lot to be said for the kind of job that pays well and makes the most of the lack of complication in one’s home life. If you’re someone who enjoys a lot of alone time, and if you could easily see yourself spending long periods of time driving across the country, then you’ll be happy to know that trucking is a career with a lot to recommend it.

What kind of hours can women in trucks expect?

There is an increasing amount of work available, and with the age groups in trucking tending towards older drivers, there will need to be an increased focus on recruiting younger drivers. The good news is that you won’t need to waste much time waiting for work. If you get your CDL and choose your vehicle from among the wide range of trucks that are ideal for women who want to make a living in the industry, there’s plenty of work available. Depending on the law where you are, a standard rule is that you can’t work more than 70 hours across an eight-day period. However, you’ll generally have no difficulty finding enough work to keep you busy.

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Those long hours can mean that you’re away from home a lot, so if you’re likely to find that off-putting, then you may have some choices to make. However, shorter runs and less intense schedules are available and will allow you to spend more time at home if that’s something that you desire. And with plenty of hours available, it can be a lucrative gig. Salaries are already competitive, and haulers are more than aware that drivers will be increasingly able to name their price as the older drivers start to retire within the next decade. A solid hourly rate multiplied by a lot of hours means that trucks for women will have no shortage of takers among those keen to boost their bank balance.

Is there a future in trucking for women?

Given that driving a truck could be a significant lifestyle change for many of the newly interested parties, it makes sense that they won’t want to make a big commitment for a job that could become obsolete in years to come. With new innovations in the world of logistics and delivery, could it be the case that all truck drivers will be looking for new employment sooner than they think?

We’re talking primarily about driverless vehicles, of course, and there is some good news on that front for prospective truck drivers. To begin with, the technology behind driverless vehicles is not as far advanced as its proponents would like us to imagine. We’re still a long way off from it being considered safe to put fleets of driverless trucks out on the road. Beyond that, there are still many elements of the job that we expect to require a human touch for the foreseeable future. So if you choose to work for a company like Warrior Logistics, you don’t need to worry that automation is going to make your job obsolete. If anything, technology, and online shopping continue to mean there’s more work than ever available to current and prospective truck drivers.

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Will women truck driver numbers increase in the future?

Although the statistics might initially be disconcerting for women who are considering a career in the trucking industry, it’s important to understand that this is a legacy of tradition that doesn’t need to have any impact on your own intention of becoming a truck driver. Your gender really doesn’t matter as long as you are trained and qualified to safely drive a truck and its cargo from Point A to Point B within the time required.

We can only assume that the number of women behind the wheels of delivery trucks will increase in the next few years and decades. As an industry that will remain both relevant and necessary, new job openings are sure to become available in the near future. With well-paid jobs ready for anyone who can demonstrate the ability to carry them out, there is no reason not to give serious consideration to an exciting new career out on the open roads.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of truck driving and the Warrior Logistics experience, get in touch today.

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