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Does Tesla provide front license plate holder?

Does Tesla provide front license plate holder?

Custom designed to fit Model Y ONLY. A version of the Slipstream Bracket® for Model 3 is available here


Presenting a new and completely different approach to a front license plate mounting bracket solution for your Tesla Model Y. Introducing the Slipstream Bracket® NO-drilling, NO-holes, NO-adhesives, NO-magnets and NO-additional-tools-required secure-quick-release front license plate mounting solution for the Tesla Model 3. Okay, so the name is way too long, but our excitement dictated those words when we realized just how much the Slipstream Bracket actually does:

Unlike similar products you may have seen online that can block up to 40% of the front cool air intakes, the Patent Pending design of the Slipstream Bracket® makes it “aerodynamically invisible” to critical battery, drivetrain and EV cooling systems that keep your Tesla running at peak efficiency, performance and reliability. Because it was designed and engineered specifically for your model of Tesla, the OEM specified factory placement of the Slipstream Bracket™ makes it fully compatible with Autopilot systems, parking sensors, radar systems and Homelink™ transponders.

The Slipstream Bracket® works harmoniously to absorb constant external forces while driving, such as wind, road shock, vibration, centrifugal braking and gravity. One secret behind this unique ability is that the Slipstream does not attach directly to the delicate plastic grille the same way competing products do. Instead, the “dual-fulcrum” design handles all of the heavy work, transferring any potentially damaging forces away from the delicate plastic grille louvers and downward toward the more substantial lower front air dam. Built-in automotive grade cushions absorb shock and vibrations, serving to protect the beautiful factory finish from coming into direct contact with the metal bracket assembly. Thanks to this special technique of disbursing and transferring energy away from the grille, the Slipstream Bracket™ can also easily support the additional weight of items such as decorative metal license plate frames, acrylic license plate covers, external transponder units and heavy ice accumulation (in cold climates).

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Among the most impressive safety aspects of the Slipstream Bracket® is its ability to enter into a “temporary state of horizontal suspension” in the event the bracket ever comes in contact with an object such as the bumper of another car. Whereas competing products transfer any and all damaging external forces directly to the delicate plastic grille louvers, the rotating upper bracket assembly of the Slipstream Bracket™ instantaneously “floats” into a reverse locked position utilizing a pair of stress relief channels designed to absorb up to 100% of the external force. Once the external force is alleviated, the assembly quickly returns to its original secured installation position ensuring no damage is done to the plastic grille or louvers behind it.

Installation of the Slipstream Bracket™ is among the fastest and easiest you will find anywhere. Using just ONE included L-key tool, the entire one-piece assembly can be unlocked and removed or installed and locked — on demand — in a matter of 60 seconds. To improve accessibility of the locking fasteners, we eliminated them from the hidden depths of inner grille area and repositioned them toward the front of the assembly where access is much easier. The secure “pop-on” and “pop-off” capability is perfect for those who visit automatic car washes (both brush type and touchless), detail shops, service center visits and any time you want to tuck the license plate assembly in your frunk and restore the original showroom beauty of your Tesla!

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Because the Slipstream Bracket™ requires NO-drilling, NO-adhesives, NO-holes and NO additional tools for installation, the value of your Tesla will not be compromised or diminished. The Slipstream neatly hugs the front bumper for the best appearance and aerodynamics. Manufactured here in America using high quality materials such as strong, rust proof aircraft-grade aluminum, stainless steel theft deterrent fasteners and a beautiful textured black baked-on finish, the rust-proof Slipstream Bracket™ is engineered to last the lifetime of your vehicle.

We are so confident you’ll love our product, we offer a full money back guarantee for 32 days if you’re not completely satisfied with the Slipstream Bracket™.

The Slipstream Bracket™ is enthusiastically produced by a family of Tesla owners with many years of experience in metal crafting, product engineering and product design. Our ultimate goal for the Slipstream Bracket is to help enhance your Tesla ownership experience. If the Slipstream Bracket works well for you, we would love to hear what you think of it. As a Tesla family, we are grateful for this opportunity to be part of the wonderful transition to electric vehicles. We sincerely appreciate your interest in our products and are excited to know that you too are experiencing the thrill of ownership that creates that unmistakeable…Tesla Grin!

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Tesla Front License Plate Holders & Mounts for Model 3, Model Y, etc

front license plate holder tesla model 3

Teslas may be the forward-thinking electric vehicles of the future, but they are still beholden to all the usual rules of the road — and that includes your typical license and registration requirements. Unfortunately, if you live in a front-license-plate state, you have no choice but to mount that plate on the front of your new car.

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But as many features as the Tesla has, it doesn’t exactly come with a full suite of license plate accessories. There is of course the first-party sticker mount, but what if you want to try some other options, that’s where this list comes in. These are some great license plate and frame options for your Model 3, Model Y, and other Tesla models.

Best Tesla front license plate holders for Model 3 and Model Y

Slipstream bracket for tesla model 3 model y

Slipstream bracket for Model 3/Model Y

Electrek’s pick. A trusty license plate bracket for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y.

ThatGrin LLC makes a license plate bracket called the Slipstream bracket that many, many Tesla owners absolutely love. It offers a secure and sleek way to mount your license plate on the front of your Model 3 or Model Y without adhesives. In the case of this product, there’s also a subtle “3” or “Y” logo — although rest assured that these are mostly covered up after you actually mount the plate.

This mount is all metal and has a very sturdy build, it installs in just a few minutes, and it helps make your car road-legal without potentially ruining the paint job on the front with a sticker.

Note that the Model 3 and Model Y versions of this bracket are different. You need to purchase the correct one for your vehicle — the Model 3 one can be found here, and the Model Y one can be found here.

Runner up license plate bracket for Model Y

snapplate license plate bracket holder

SnapPlate bracket for Model 3/Model Y

Runnerup. Another good license plate bracket for your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y.

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The SnapPlate is a very similar option to the Slipstream in terms of functionality; it attaches to your grill, installs in just a few minutes, and lets you mount a license plate on the front of your vehicle in a way that offers maximum peace of mind.

This one is a trade off of sturdiness or your concern over that sturdiness. Some prefer the Slipstream because it’s all-metal and will likely resist any bumps on the road. Some prefer the SnapPlate because it’s a lighter build that will certainly never scratch or damage your vehicle.

Like the Slipstream mount, the SnapPlate for Model 3 and Model Y comes in two different versions. Make sure not to waste time on returning the wrong product by purchasing the correct one for your vehicle — the Model 3 one can be found here, and the Model Y one can be found here.

Other options and license plate accessories

quick bandit license plate mount model 3 model y tesla

Quick Bandit license plate mount for Model 3 and Model Y

A great mount, but pricey!

The Slipstream and the SnapPlate are our picks, but this is another license plate mount for Model 3 and Model Y that is popular in the Tesla community. It’s a 1-lever design that makes installation and removal only seconds long, and it’s designed to be sturdy enough to withstand a touchless car wash. It makes sure that there’s no stress put on your Model 3 grille, and it also ensures distance from the bumper so as to not scratch any paint off over time. It’s available for Model 3 and Model Y.

silicone license plate cover model 3 model y tesla

Silicone license plate cover for Model 3 and Model Y

A quick fix for license plate annoyances.

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If you’re just looking to wrap your front or rear license plate in a protective cover to prevent damage to your vehicle, this is a great affordable option. This cover won’t rust, it will prevent your car from getting scratched by the metal of the plate, and it ensures any registration stickers on your plates are always visible. It also comes with some free hardware to mount it to your vehicle.

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