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How do you dodge a fight?

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Tips and Tricks – Weapons, Perfect Dodge

Progressing through a game means that you need to learn a few things and then apply what you learned by practicing over and over again. Even though this sometimes is the only way to progress there are some ‘shortcuts’ or tips and tricks that you can apply that make things easier and that’s where we come in.

Combat has evolved throughout the Zelda series and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is no exception. This article covers Zelda: Breath of the Wild tips and tricks, including combat, weapons and weapon types, Perfect Dodge and Perfect Guard, Sneakstrike, Weapon Durability and more to help you become a better fighter as you make your way through Hyrule.

While you can run past a lot of enemies, there are times when you’ll be forced to fight and these tips and tricks for Breath of the Wild will come in handy along with having a variety of weapons to fight with. Some of these Zelda: Breath of the Wild tips may help you survive in combat, so grab your favorite armament and get ready for battle!

Zelda: Breath of the Wild Tips and Tricks – Weapons, Perfect Dodge

Perfect Dodge and Perfect Guard

Enemies in Breath of the Wild generally attack horizontally or vertically. Evading at the last moment by pressing the X button will activate the Perfect Dodge ability that slows down time and allows Link to use Flurry Rush, a barrage of attacks in rapid succession, before the enemy can retaliate.

When you see the Flurry Rush prompt after a Perfect Dodge, simply press Y rapidly to execute the attack. If you see a horizontal attack incoming, dodge back, and if you see a vertical attack coming, dodge left or right. Usually jumping attacks are vertical, giving you plenty of time to see the attack coming and dodge accordingly.

When you’re using a shield Link can also perform a Perfect Guard. Just before Link gets hit with an attack, press A while your shield is out and Link will deflect the attack. Just like the Perfect Dodge, time slows down and the enemy is vulnerable to a barrage of attacks, but you won’t get the Flurry Rush prompt like you would with Perfect Dodge.

Keep in mind, if you’re using a two-handed weapon your shield will not be readily active. You’ll have to put away the weapon, then use your shield to Perfect Guard. With a one-handed weapon you can shield while your weapon is out.


Pressing inward on the Left Analog Stick causes Link to crouch and walk slowly, sneaking around. If you sneak up behind an enemy you’ll be prompted to unleash a Sneakstrike. This attack from behind inflicts considerably more damage than a normal attack, but it will not execute if the enemy notices you before you get close. Make sure to use the sneak crouch so you can score big damage with an attack from behind!

Critical Hits

A critical hit is basically an attack that hits for double the normal damage. There are multiple ways to score a critical hit in Breath of the Wild. If you’re using a ranged weapon, aim for the head and you’ll score a critical hit. With a melee weapon you can attack from behind to score a critical hit.

In addition, if your weapon durability is running low and about to break, throw your weapon at an enemy using the R should button and it will be considered a critical hit. Of course you can throw a weapon that isn’t about to break, but then it will break anyway unless it’s a boomerang.

Charge Attacks and Stamina

Link burns stamina when running, climbing and performing other tasks. When it comes to combat, Link only uses stamina during Charge Attacks. Any normal attack will not use stamina at all. Most weapons have a normal charge attack and a maximum charge attack.

Hold the Y button until you see a flash, indicating the charge attack is ready. If you continue holding Y you may see a second flash indicating the maximum charge attack is ready. However, not all weapons have a maximum charge attack option. The type of charge attack you get will vary depending on the weapon you’re using, whether it’s a one-handed weapon or two-handed.

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Weapon Durability

All weapons have durability in Breath of the Wild. The more you use a weapon the more likely it is to break. You’ll generally get a warning just before a weapon breaks. It’s beneficial to carry around as many weapons as you can so you always have another weapon ready to go if the one you’re using breaks. There are ways you can increase you weapon inventory so you can carry more weapons.

As you come across new and more powerful weapons, ideally you want to use your weakest weapon and save your more powerful weapons for harder enemies. All weapons will eventually break, which means you don’t want to break your best weapons, then be stuck with a bad weapon when you’re fighting a tough enemy.

Keep in mind, if you throw a weapon at an enemy and it hits them, it will break instantly no matter how much durability it has left. The only exceptions are boomerangs and a few special weapons.

Some weapons will have increased durability to attack power, but even these will eventually break. At the very least, if you find a weapon with increased attack power you’ll know that you can use it for a bit longer than a normal version of the same weapon.

Weapon Types

There are several different types of weapons in Breath of the Wild. Each of these weapon types have different attacks, as well as advantages and disadvantages. Your combat style with Link should help you determine which weapon type you favor, but due to all weapons eventually breaking, there are times when you’ll have to make do with whatever weapons are available to you.

Most of these weapons come in one-handed or two-handed varieties. With a one-handed weapon you can equip a shield in the other hand and use it to actively defend while your weapon is out. A two-handed weapon does not allow you to defend while your weapon is out. You’ll have to choose between using your shield to block attacks, or using your two-handed weapon to deal damage.

With one-handed weapons aside from wands a normal charge grants a single spin attack, while a maximum charge provides a double spin attack. For all two-handed weapons except spears, the charge attack sees Link spin around attacking anything nearby so long as you continue to hold Y. This process drains stamina the longer you hold Y, and when you release Y Link slams the axe down on the ground, creating a shockwave that hits any enemies nearby.

Swords – Link’s trademark weapon can cut down trees or trim the grassy fields of Hyrule in addition to inflicting damage to Link’s enemies.

Clubs – While clubs can’t cut down trees or trim the grass, they are almost identical to swords in every other way.

Spears – These two-handed weapons don’t have the same area of attack as a sword or club. While you can technically hit multiple enemies at once, generally speaking this is a single-target weapon. The charge attack with a spear offers a barrage of attacks in a line with the maximum charge version adding more strikes to the attack.

Axes – Two-handed axes act very similar to swords except for the charge attack. Axes are ideal for fighting large groups of enemies.

Wands – Wands a more rare than most other weapons, but they are impressive when it comes to long-range attacks in an area. A single attack with a wand usually fires off whatever magic element the wand is for (a Fire Rod wand will shoot fireballs). A normal charge attack will fire that element in multiple directions around Link, but only a short distance away. A maximum charge will fire in multiple directions around Link at a much longer range. Wands have to recharge after heavy use, but they’re great long-range weapons.

Bows – As you might guess, bow and arrows work well for ranged attacks. There are a variety of bows and arrows that can increase you attack and offer different attack options. For instance, Fire Arrows can set fire to things, while Bomb Arrows inflict significant damage and can take the place of bombs in some situations. There’s no charge attack for a bow, but if you jump from a moderate height and attempt to fire a shot, the game will slow down so you can aim better.

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Boomerangs – Similar to bows, boomerangs offer a ranged attack that generally hits a single target if you press the R shoulder button. While a boomerang can return to Link if nothing obstructs its path, you have to manually catch it by pressing A when it’s close to Link again. What separates boomerangs from bows is that a boomerang can also serve as a close-range melee weapon, with one-handed boomerangs acting like a sword and two-handed giant boomerangs acting like an axe.

Weapon TypeOne-HandedTwo-HandedNormal Charge AttackMaximum Charge AttackRangeTarget Area
BoomerangYesYesYesYesClose and LongSingle Target
BowNoYesNoNoLongSingle Target
SpearNoYesYesYesCloseSingle Target

Shields and Defense

The enemies in Breath of the Wild hit pretty hard, especially early in the game when you don’t have many hearts to spare. It’s not uncommon to die from a single attack, even if you have full health. For this reason, shields and other defensive options are very important for Link. While there are exceptions, most enemies don’t telegraph their attacks unless it’s a jumping attack. Therefore using a one-handed weapon and having a shield up at all times will help keep Link safe.

Other defensive options are attacking from a distance or using the Perfect Dodge and Perfect Guard at close range. From a distance you can toss bombs at enemies and even focus on any explosive barrels nearby. There’s almost always a hill, cliff or mountain range nearby that you can climb on top of and just rain down bombs and arrows on enemies. At first your bombs may not do much damage, but you can get upgrades moderately early in the game.

In addition to Perfect Dodge and Perfect Guard when fighting up close, remember to sneak up on enemies whenever possible. If you’re about to engage a group of enemies, make sure you attack any enemies in watchtowers first. If they see you they will alert the others and you’ll have an all out attack on your hands.


If you’re looking to prepare some juicy dishes you’re going to need to get some hunting in. Every time you come across a bee hive, keep your distance and hit it with an arrow so you can avoid the bees and collect the honey they leave behind for meals. If you need meat, sneak up on boars, bears and other wild animals and aim for their heads. Most of these larger animals will not go down from a single arrow if you don’t aim for their head. In addition, they’ll chase after you if you hit their body and they don’t go down.

As a general rule, the larger and more aggressive an animal is, the better the meat you’ll get from bringing them down. If you can find a bear or other large animal, see if you can bring it down and reap the high quality meat as a reward. Using better ingredients will allow you to make dishes that replenish a lot of hearts or boost Link’s abilities.

For more tips and strategies be sure to check out our Zelda: Breath of the Wild game hub!

How Does Canelo Alvarez Dodge Punches? | Boxing Training

Boxer Iain Mackenzie breaks down some of the techniques & strategies Canelo Alvarez uses for his trademark slick upper body movement.

Published: May 4, 2022

Topics: Boxing, Training

Canelo Alvarez is considered to be the best boxer in the world right now, and watching him in the ring is a thing of beauty. The way he is able to move just outside of his opponent’s punches and retaliate with vicious counter shots is the pinnacle of boxing’s number one goal: hit and don’t get hit. But how does he do it? While there is a lot of nuance to what he does, and some of those concepts are impossible to explain outside of a boxing ring, there are some key techniques that he uses that anyone can learn to incorporate into their own ringcraft and boxing training.

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Punch Off The Center

Professional Boxer Canelo Alvarez

Punching off the center is the idea that when you punch with correct form, you should get in the habit of moving your head away from the center line (the line drawn between two boxers’ heads) at the same time. If you watch Canelo, any time he throws a punch, his head moves. Whether left, right, or ducking, his head never stays stationary while he’s punching. This makes him much harder to target with counters.

Dynamic Defense

Dynamic defense is a boxing technique of using punches to block other punches. For instance, when you jab with a tucked chin, your shoulder rises and naturally protects your chin and jaw from punches. Your arm will help deflect and weaken incoming punches from outside of the arm. Alvarez does this a lot with both his jab and his left hook to the head, using the momentum of his punch to knock an incoming punch off balance and deliver one of his own at the same time.

Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes

Boxer Canelo Alvarez

You’ll notice that many good boxers including Canelo seem to want to keep their opponent’s entire body in view, even though threats can only come from their hands. The reason for this is because it is much easier to read what punches an opponent is preparing to throw if you can see most of their body. Some boxers feint with their eyes, some with their shoulders, and others with their knees or their feet. No boxer does a full body feint – that’s an overcommitment. So if a boxer’s entire body is sending the same signal, it’s time to get out of the way.

Efficiency of Movement

Boxing is about small, precise movements in rapid succession, not wide sweeping commitments. “Train Small” is the idea that when you train, you should allow yourself as little ‘fat’ on your movements as possible – the goal is to dodge by just a hair. Boxing may be fought in three minute rounds, but results are decided through interactions that usually only last a few seconds each. Canelo understands this, and if you watch him, he very rarely swings with wide punches or gets far out of the way of a punch. Usually he only moves enough to barely avoid being hit.

Duck, Dodge, Slip, You Got This!

Canelo Alvarez

Canelo Alvarez is an incredible boxer to watch work in the ring, and his craft wasn’t honed overnight but through years of practice and dedication. If you want to up your own boxing game or just get a great workout in a fun and exciting way, FightCamp has all the tools you need to reach your fitness goals.

Start training like Canelo Alvarez and get access to hundreds of boxing, kickboxing, strength, conditioning, recovery, and stretching workouts that will push you mentally and physically. Download the FREE FightCamp App and train with real professionals from the comfort of your own home.

Try A Free Workout - Download The FightCamp App

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Join our list and get exclusive offers, FREE Boxing and Kickboxing training tips & tricks, and endless health & fitness inspo to inspire the fighter within.

About the author

Iain Mackenzie is a licensed amateur boxer. He discovered boxing through karate and saber fencing, and has trained in multiple gyms across Texas, competing in amateur tournaments such as Golden Gloves & the Houston Open.

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23 GTA Fighting And Dodging Tips

GTA is a popular game that allows players to explore an open world while completing missions . The objective of the game is to complete the assigned mission and escape the area. Players can choose to play by themselves or join others in order to complete the mission. When playing GTA, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to the other players. In order to win a fight, you must be able to dodge their attacks and land your own punches. If you are not careful, you may find yourself getting knocked out quickly.

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how to dodge in gta

How To Dodge In GTA ?

In Grand Theft Auto game, dodging refers to a technique used to avoid beig hit by enemy gunfire. When done correctly, the player will be able to avoid taking damage and possibly return fire.

To dodge in Grand Theft Auto, the player must first identify when an enemy is about to shoot. This can be done by watching for the enemy’s gun barrel to line up with the player’s character. Once the player has spotted this, they need to quickly move out of the way. The best way to do this is by using the game’s cover system.

To take cover, the player must press and hold the left bumper on their controller. This will cuse their character to take cover behind an object. Once in cover, the player can then peek out and return fire at the enemy.

What Is The Dodge Button In GTA?

The dodge button in Grand Theft Auto is a button that allows the player to quickly move out of the way of an incoming attack. This can be useful for avoiding punches from enemies or other attacks that cold do damage.

How Do You Dodge Punch In GTA Online?

Observe the movements of your opponent. Do not be the first one to charge. When you see the punch coming toards you, just press the Space button on your keyboard. This will help you successfully dodge the punch. After dodging the punch, you can press ‘R’ to punch your enemy.

How Do You Roll In GTA?

In order to roll in GTA, you must first aim your character using the left joystick. Once your character is aimed, you can then press the square button on PS4, the X button on Xbox One, or the spacebar on PC to roll.

How Do You Dodge In GTA 4?

In order to dodge in GTA 4, you need to quickly press and hold the button, then let up and press down to counter while their arm is still extended in attack position.

How Do You Roll In GTA 5 PC?

On PC, you can roll by using the aim button and then pressing the jump key. The jump key might be different for everyone, so you’ll need to figure out which key works for you. Holding forward while aiming and pressing the correct button will make your character roll forward.

How Do You Melee Fight In GTA 5?

The basics of melee combat in GTA 5 come down to dodging and attacking. The key to surviving a hand-to-hand fight is in the dodge. Focus on an enemy and manage the dodge button to stay in the fight as long as possible.

How Do You Knock People Out In GTA 5 PS4?

There are a few ways to knock people out in GTA 5 PS4. The fist way is to punch them until they faint. Another way is to use a melee weapon and hit them over the head until they pass out. Finally, you can use a stealth takedown by sneaking up behind them and hitting them with a blunt object.

Which Car Is The Fastest In GTA 5?

The Ocelot Pariah is the fastest car in GTA 5, with a speed of 136mph. It has appeared on the casino podium before, so there’s always a chance you can nab it again.

How Do You Punch Faster In GTA 5 Online?

It depends on individual playing style. However, some tips on how to punch faster in GTA 5 Online include:
-Sprinting towards your opponent by tapping the X button rapidly
-Pressing the X button along with the Attack Button (Circle/R2) at the same time
-Keeping pressing the X button and the Circle/R2 Button

How Do You Tuck And Roll In GTA 5?

To tuck and roll in GTA 5, players need to have thir aim activated. Players need to aim at a target and press the tuck and roll button.

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How Do You Spam Punch In GTA 5?

There are a few ways to spam punch in GTA 5. One way is to use the left trigger on Xbox One or L2 on Playstation 4 to sprint twards your target, then press the left bumper (Xbox One) / L1 (Playstation 4) and X / Square at the same time to spam punch. Another way is to use the right bumper (Xbox One) / R1 (Playstation 4) to target your opponent, then press X / Square repeatedly to spam punch.

How Do You Roll In GTA SA?

To roll in GTA San Andreas Definitive Edition, the first thng you have to do is crouch. You do this by pressing L3 on consoles (aka press the left stick) and pressing C on PC. Then, you have have a weapon out, and you need to be aiming.

How Do You Hit People With Guns In GTA 5?

There are two main ways to hit people with guns in GTA 5: shooting and using the melee attack.

To shoot someone, aim your gun at them and press the right trigger. This will fire a bullet in their direction. If you hit them, they will take damage.

You can also use the melee attack by pressing the right bumper when you are close to an enemy. This will make your character swing their gun at the enemy, doing damage if you hit them.

What’s The Best Targeting Mode In GTA 5?

There are three targeting modes in GTA 5: Assisted, Free Aim, and Soft Lock. Assisted is the easiest to use, as it will automatically target enemies for you. Free Aim is more difficult, as you will need to manually target enemies. Soft Lock is somewhere in between, as it will automatically target enemies but will also allw you to manual override the targeting if you wish.

Why Can’t I Lock On GTA V?

There are several reasons why you might not be able to lock on to an enemy in GTA V. The first reason is that you might not be using a weapon that is affected by assisted aim. The second reason is that the enemy might not be wthin enough distance to be locked on to. If it still doesn’t work, then it might be your controller. You can try cleaning it or re calibrating the buttons.

How Do You Dodge An AXE Kick?

The axe kick can be dodged by sidestepping quickly to either side. It is possible to dodge the roundhouse by moving back slightly opposite to the direction of your ‘open’ side, but i recommend simply using your palm to push away the kick , because dodging this kick culd put you too far away to counter.

How Do You Punch A Guy Like?

When throwing a punch, you want to extend your arm fully and make contact with the target using the knuckles on your index and middle fingers. You also want to twist your body as you throw the punch, so that your hips and shoulders rotate along with your fist. This will give the punch more power. Finally, you want to snap your wrist as you make contact, so that the force of the punch is focused on a small area.

how to dodge in gta

Can A Man Dodge A Bullet?

No, a man cnnot dodge a bullet. The bullet is simply traveling too fast. Even the slowest handguns shoot a bullet at 760 miles per hour.

How Do Boxers Dodge?

When a boxer dodges, they will generally move their head to one side of their shoulder in order to avoid the incoming punch. This is known as a slip and is a very effective tactic when executed correctly.

Is There A Tesla In GTA 5?

Yes, thee is a Tesla in GTA 5. The Tesla Roadster series not only has some of the fastest cars, but they also look great. Therefore, GTA 5 had to bring in the equivalent of the 2008-2012 Tesla Roadster, called Voltic, which was just as fast as the real deal!

GTA 5 – How To Dodge Punches (Guide)

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