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How do you drive a guy you like crazy?

Make Him Go Crazy For You (11 Things That Drive Men Wild)

Have you ever wanted to attract men without even trying? At the end of the day, it isn’t your looks or your personality that attract men. The truth is there are simple techniques you can use that will make any man go CRAZY for you.

Hi, I’m love coach and dating expert Amy North. I’m here to help you master dating with simple tweaks to your current approach that will transform your love life almost over night. And my help begins right now.

So what is it that drives men wild with desire?

Table of Contents

1. Highlight your best attributes

In their landmark study “A Billion Wicked Thoughts”, two neuroscientists studied how men and women feel desire, based on their use of the internet.

One of their discoveries was that men zero in on body parts and feel desire regardless of the person they’re attached to. As depressing as this idea may be, we can actually use it to drive men crazy with very little effort.

Instead of focusing on creating the perfect outfit to attract his attention, think instead of highlighting your best features whether it be your smile, your bust, or your legs.

Dress in a way that maximizes the appeal of one body part and watch as men salivate based on your eyes alone. There are so many ways to achieve this that it can be a bit overwhelming so keep it simple. All it really takes is a tight fitting shirt to make him go crazy with desire.

2. Make eye contact

The power of eye contact cannot be overstated. If you tend to get nervous around men who you’re interested in (and who doesn’t?) then chances are you usually avoid eye contact as much as possible. But push through your nerves and make the effort to keep up eye contact.

You’ll find that this practice is a powerful signal of interest and attraction that will drive men wild with desire for you.

Just don’t overdo it. A 2016 study found that the preferred length of eye contact was 3 seconds, with any eye contact longer than 9 seconds being uncomfortable.

3. Smell nice

Smell has been shown to create a powerful attraction in most men, without them even realizing it. It’s important to note here that you shouldn’t try to increase your body odor. It’s important to wear antiperspirant and keep up your personal hygiene as much as possible.

Even still, scientists believe that the natural chemicals produced by our immune system create scents that signal to men’s brains that we’d make for a good mate.

Since this happens at a subconscious level, it’s still advisable to wear a little perfume or some kind of signature scent in order to prime men to your presence and allow him to think about you after you’ve gone.

Studies have also found that while you’re ovulating, you produce a smell that can drive men crazy with desire. So if you know your own cycle, you can use this information to draw his attention to you without him even being aware of it.

4. Pay attention

Just as women do, men like to be valued. One simple way to let him know that you value him is to pay attention when he’s speaking and remember the little things.

For example, say that he mentions in passing that his favorite band is the Foo Fighters. If you happen to see that they’re going to be coming through your city on tour, let him know. This will make him excited, not just to hear the band, but from the feeling that you’re truly listening to his thoughts and feelings.

5. Show some skin

If you’re looking to make him go crazy, showing a little skin is a great place to start.

Studies have shown that men rate the same women as more attractive when they wear more revealing clothing, up to a point. Don’t rock a bikini at the grocery store but maybe opt for a lower cut top when you know you’ll be running into the man of your dreams.

6. Be confident

Here’s something that they don’t want you to know: deep down men love a confident woman.

That’s right, all that stuff about being submissive, agreeable, and ditzy, was wrong. Men like a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to ask for it. This is true in everything from business, to choosing a restaurant, to being able to ask for what you want.

Try it out in your everyday life and you’ll see just how magnetic confidence can be. If you’re struggling with confidence, try repeating this simple mantra in your head: I deserve to be happy and successful. This may feel silly at first but it can completely transform your outlook by reshaping your self image.

7. Smile

Now, I know that we’re all tired of random men on the street telling us to smile while they harass us, but that doesn’t mean that smiling is any less powerful when it comes to attracting the RIGHT guy.

It can be easy to let our smile slip because we’re nervous around him but if you can make the effort to smile at him a little more, it’s bound to drive him wild.

Here’s why: studies have found that smiling, regardless of how you feel, makes you happy.

And, as the song goes, smile and the whole world smiles with you.

Yes, if you smile at someone, they’re more likely to smile in return. And since smiling makes you happy, you’re literally making them feel happy.

And if guaranteed happiness won’t make a guy go crazy for you, I don’t know what will.

8. Play hard to get

We all know that desperation isn’t sexy. If you come across as desperate, it gives guys the sense that you don’t have a lot going on in your life, and that you’re going to rely on him for everything.

This is why playing hard to get is so effective. If he gets the sense that you have other options, it will activate the competitive side of his brain that is driven to win at all costs. In this case, he’ll be trying to win your heart.

It just means not answering his text messages right away, not rearranging your plans to fit in with his schedule, and leaving the ball in his court to make the first move.

9. Give him a hug

Men are very physical creatures and a hug is a great way to take advantage of this.

Hugs are so effective because they are open to interpretation. Think about it. We hug our friends and family but we also might hug a guy we’re interested in.

If you come at him with a surprise hug, he’s going to be excited by the contact but he’ll also be unsure how to interpret it.

Mark my words, he’ll be thinking about that hug later on, trying to understand what it means.

And if you can make him think about you when you’re not around, you’re one step closer to making him go crazy for you.

Plus, skin on skin contact has been PROVEN to create a bond between two people and release the hormone oxytocin in our brains, leading to that excitement that you’re looking for.

10. Watch my free video presentation

I’ve spent years putting together a system that any woman can use to attract any man.

This system is quite literally foolproof and it takes just a few weeks to begin working.

11. Change up your look.

You’ve seen it in every cheesy movie: the girl gets a makeover and suddenly the guy sees her in a totally new light.

Well it turns out this cliche is around for a reason, because it really does work. It doesn’t take a complete transformation to drive guys wild.

Even a small, notable change in your appearance is enough to make him stop and consider you in ways he never has before. So get a haircut, buy a new outfit, or try out a new makeup style.

The Bottom Line About Making Him Go Crazy For You

As far as I’m concerned, those are the best ways to make any man go crazy for you.

If you have any more ways to drive men wild, leave them in the comments below.

I love reading what you guys have to say.

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!

10 Simple Ways To Drive Him Crazy (Without Even Getting Naked) / Eva Katalin Kondoros

A carefully crafted PG text can be way more powerful than a nude photo or a naughty voice note whispered in your best sultry “Adele.” You don’t have to use blatantly dirty language to get him thinking about you and wanting more. All you have to do is leave your message open-ended. For example: “Can’t stop thinking about you…” or “Wish you were here right now…” By shrouding your statement in just enough mystery you can hint at the risqué without actually going there, which will make him yearn for more. (As an added bonus, your message will be way too innocent to be used as blackmail against you in case things go awry down the line.)

2. Wear something that shows off your personality.

Yes, revealing clothing is pretty much always helpful in wooing a dude. It’s rarely a bad idea to show a little leg or cleavage when you’re trying to get a guy’s attention. That said, an outfit that reeks of sex is a short-term play. If you’re seriously interested in someone, you might as well give them a glimpse of the inner awesomeness resting beneath your flesh. Dressed in something you love that speaks to who you are, you’re more likely to come across as a confident, desirable woman worthy of long-term commitment. So rock the Wonder Woman t-shirt, the statement necklace, the neon sneakers, or whatever apparel reflects your unique personality best.

3. Tell him you had a dream about him.

When someone reveals that you were in their dream, it means that you were literally on their mind the night before, which is unquestionably flattering. The dream doesn’t even have to be sensual for it to be interpreted as complimentary. So if you want to convey that you’re into a guy without saying something as direct as “let’s get naked together,” describe a dream you’ve had in which he played a major role. To be clear, it doesn’t matter if you’ve actually had any dreams about him at all. Feel free to take a creative license in drafting your own dreamscapes. It’s not like anyone can prove you’re lying!

4. Stretch.

Literally. Stretch. No one’s going to question why you spontaneously reach your arms up towards the sky or spread your feet apart and bend over to reach for the floor midday. You can do it anywhere: in your seat at work, between the library stacks, next to the water cooler, or in the hallway. Stretching is good for your health. Incidentally, it’s also a good way to turn heads. If you manipulate your body mindfully into attractive positions and not unsightly pretzel like formations, you’re sure to spark interest from the object of your affection.

5. Say something smart to prove you have brains and booty.

Acting ditzy might get you laid, but it’s probably not going to get you a date, at least not with a top tier guy. Don’t be afraid to raise your hand in class to say something super insightful, or throw a well-intentioned jab rooted in cleverness. Wit is an aphrodisiac to any high quality human worth your time, so use it to your advantage.

6. Play with your hair.

A full head of hair denotes health and fertility, two highly favorable biological traits. It’s one of the many things guys look for, subconsciously or not, when assessing a potential mate. Since the typical man doesn’t have long, luscious locks, a woman’s hair is also something of a curiosity to the opposite sex—one you can exploit to highlight what makes you so wonderfully exotic. So run your fingers through your mane, pull your hair up into a ponytail or twist it into a bun, moving your arms and upper body in as playful and flirtatious a manner as possible.

7. Bite your bottom lip.

Picture a woman biting her bottom lip. Sexy, right? Why exactly remains unclear, but what’s certain is that a little bottom lip nibbling can go a long way in seducing a man. When a woman shows a little tooth, she somehow exudes an extremely appealing mix of vulnerability and pensiveness. The next time your guy happens to look your way, give it a try.

8. Laugh out loud.

There’s nothing more attractive than a woman laughing with total abandon. A woman laughing uproariously is automatically viewed in a positive light—as free spirited and good natured and pleasant to be around. When you let yourself laugh like no one’s looking, you become someone who knows how to have a good time, and appreciates the humor in life. Someone who doesn’t take herself too seriously. The ideal life partner, really.

9. Send him a funny article or video he hasn’t seen yet.

Sharing content is a form of identity creation—a way to demonstrate who you are by revealing the type of material you consume day to day. By sending a guy a viral story or video before it blows up, you can establish just how awesomely in the know you are. Alternatively, by sending him a few links tailored to his specific interests, you can prove just how thoughtful and attentive you are.

10. Flirt with someone else.

We’re all susceptible to peer pressure to a certain extent, especially when it comes to what we desire. It’s only human to want what others want, after all. Luckily, there’s a way to capitalize on this phenomenon when courting a prospective partner. Flirt with someone else—preferably someone you’re confident will respond to your overtures—to substantiate your market value as a highly coveted lady.

Mélanie Berliet

I adore the following, in no particular order: knee-high tube socks, acrostic poetry, and my little brother. Click here to learn more!

How Emotional Pain Can Cause Us to Act “Crazy” in Relationships

Most of us have heard stories of “crazy” women (and sometimes men) and psycho exes. They are our friends, boyfriends’ exes, family members, and sometimes they can even be us.

Often people (including ourselves) are quick to judge these people. We write them off as emotional wrecks. We label them. We shame them. It’s hard not to judge when we are not equipped with the tools to deal with behaviors we don’t understand.

It’s even harder to feel empathy when we experience suffocation and feel our boundaries are being violated.

But “crazy” behavior might not always be what we think. Sometimes crazy behavior is a symptom of trauma and pain. A lot of times crazy behavior hides deeper issues.

From the moment we are born we start to develop a sense of self and belonging. We start to develop an idea of whom we are, how others feel about us, and where we fit in the world.

Our first feelings and ideas of self come from the relationship we have with our parents.

Generally speaking, if children have healthy parents and feel loved and secure at home, they will grow up secure and will have secure adult relationships.

But if children come from homes where there is any type of trauma, abuse, or abandonment, where they don’t learn to build a secure sense of self, then they will grow up anxious and insecure and will have difficulty trusting others and themselves.

Most of the time, people who act “crazy” are subconsciously playing out their childhood wounds. These wounds need to be worked through; otherwise, they continue to manifest over and over again with every new relationship.

Craziness is simply pain turned outward.

For as long as I can remember I have felt pain and fear of being alone. My father’s abandonment made every relationship a search for a part of me I felt was missing, but I didn’t quite know what it was.

I have always had long and fulfilling friendships with both women and men, but for as long as I can remember I have a hard time with romantic relationships. Don’t get me wrong. I absolutely love men. I just didn’t know how to relate to them until recently.

My romantic relationships have always been somewhat like this:

“Hi. I am Brisa. I think I love you. Please complete me and fulfill every part of my life that is in need of fulfillment. Allow me to focus obsessively on your life to subconsciously avoid fixing all that is wrong with mine. And let me suffocate you with my love because I don’t think I am worthy of yours, and because I am terrified of you leaving.”

Not surprisingly, men kept leaving.

And when they left, my crazy behavior kicked in full force. I couldn’t handle the abandonment. I would chase and beg and humiliate myself in every city and every country we would be in. I didn’t care.

The thought of being alone again, abandoned by yet another male, would consume every rational thought in my brain, and before I knew it only the irrational ones were left.

The ones that kept screaming “Go to his house! Show up half naked and with flowers. I am sure that’s exactly what he wants right now!” Didn’t work? “Go to his work. Show up uninvited and beg him to take you back!”

If you can think of any crazy behavior, I have probably done it. And I have probably done it more than once. I threw away my dignity and destroyed my reputation. All fueled by fear and pain, and in the name of love.

I knew my behavior was unhealthy, but I couldn’t stop. It felt as if I was trapped inside my own body and had no control over my actions. I could see what I was doing. I could even despise my actions. But I couldn’t stop.

The pain and fear of being alone was so intense that it would overpower my desire to overcome my destructive patterns.

It’s hard to see clearly when we are caught up in the cycle of unhealthy relationships and denial.

Many of us choose partners that will play the specific role we want them to play so that we can continue to relive our past with the hope of having a different outcome, thereby healing our old wounds. But subconsciously, we all know that’s not possible.

Some of us just choose to continue to act in the same ways because we know that if we were in a healthy relationship and in drama-free life, we would have no other option but to spend our time actually dealing with our pain and wounds.

Wounded people keep creating drama to keep avoiding themselves.

It took years, countless tears, and major loss for me to realize there was something in me that needed to change. It took to years to accept my wounds and my need to look deeper into myself.

I could no longer live with the reality I had carelessly (but repetitively) crafted for myself.

I couldn’t stand others thinking I was crazy.

I couldn’t stand that to his friends (and everyone he met) I was the crazy ex girlfriend he couldn’t get rid of.

I couldn’t stand who I had become, even though I knew that’s not who I was.

And most importantly, I was tired of playing victim. I knew I could no longer let the ghost of my father ruin my future relationships.

When we spend years thinking of ourselves as victims of a sad childhood, bad people, and bad luck, it becomes part of our identity. I had to learn to take responsibilities for my actions and had to learn to rewire my brain into accepting my role in every circumstance of my life.

Maybe some of the people we date are self-absorbed narcissists not worthy of our love, but that does not make them responsible for the way we act and the way we choose to live our lives.

It’s possible that, like us, they are just less than perfect souls with their own traumas and wounds to heal. They are not responsible for our crazy behavior. And they are definitely not responsible for saving or “fixing” us.

At some point we have to accept our past, our less than perfect childhoods, and we need to seek help so we can heal the wounds that haunt our adult lives.

For me, that help came through friendships, meditation, and writing.

My friends helped me through the nights I couldn’t bear spending alone, while meditation helped me during the times when all I wanted was to be alone but didn’t know how. And writing helped me organize my thoughts and all the erratic emotions that consumed my daily life.

I was never taught how to be alone. The thought of having to sit with myself and work on what was really hurting me was terrifying. But once I took that first step toward healing, the journey became addicting.

As I learned to control my impulses and erratic behavior, I felt my inner strength for the first time.

I could literally feel my muscles getting stronger each time I overpowered my urge to text, to call, or to get involved with other unhealthy men just to fill the void, and to continue the emotional roller coaster I was so used to riding.

Waking up is hard. It requires us to look deep into ourselves and confront our darkness.

Coming to terms with our shortcomings and flaws is brutal. But to some, like myself, the realization that we can’t go on as usual doesn’t come until we are drowning in our own self-created problems and we have no other option but to dig ourselves out before it kills us.

And I am glad I did.

The disruptive storm I created for myself throughout the years ultimately propelled me out of the dark and crazy hole of fear, and into the sane, consciously aware world of self-acceptance and self-love.

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