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Is Porsche as good as Ferrari?

Ferrari 488 GTB vs Porsche 911 Turbo S

Picture of Porsche 911 Turbo S (991 facelift)

This proves the 488 is faster in every way. However it was to be expected. Porsche has 90hp less, it is heavier (AWD and 4 seats) and it is more of an everyday supercar. I think Ferrari can also be used daily, but it seems like Ferrari is more of a sport car and the 911 more of a GT. Besides Porsche has a rear engine that makes the car less balanced than the Ferrari, so overall the Porsche held its own well

That Ferrari is obviously not a customer car

The 488 is clearly the faster car around a track. Considerably faster on all tracks. And yet the 911 turbo S beats it on the ring by 4 seconds. Does this prove that:
-the ring is not nearly the benchmark it is said to be? (weather, and lap conditions affecting the result hugely)
-sport auto have a national bias towards Porsche?

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Porsche fuel economy for the draw lol.

Porsche is left for dead over 100 mph but there’s no clear winner.

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thedriver150 7y ago

@cosimo You are one stupid kid. The lambo driver saved the cameraman’s life which ran in front of the cars when lights went off. Damn kids shouldn’t talk about cars..

Totally agree, good driver, very controlable car. A Viper or Corvette would have spun-off already. The flag guy and camera man are the problem here.

Has nothing to do with driver. The Aventador owner did pretty well, saving the life of the Cameraguy and took the victory!

another german antsy pantsy douche driver in a car he can’t control, go back to your vw turbo

proof why most drivers are stupid and can’t drive a ferrari or lambo

Actually Ferrari’s press cars have claimed power output. At least from what i have read. And that is why in official tests they perform well.

we already know most of the magazines are cheaters when it comes to ferrari and how they start bitching about the car has more power than what the factory claims. porsche has lower power, yet it blows away the competition lol. so f***ed up with porsche and their dirty little game to force you to belive power isn’t everything.

i bet they would limit the laps to 3 if no representative was around, it’s a dirty little german scheme they always plan ahead before any testing is scheduled.

who cares if 458s is slower than standard 458 italia in a straight line ? the rs is also slower than gt3, are you complaining ? of course not! because hail piech and his vag cream group.

i bet you $10,000 a 911 turbo will walk away from a gt3 cup in a straight line.

some of you are either from xbox/playstation generation or i’m dealing with bunch of noobs that have no experience with supercars, let alone a banged up car with a suzuki 4-stroke 60 hp motor.

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Unfortunately. yes. I have read on Ferrarichat that 458 Speciale isnt faster in straight line than 458 Italia (numerous owners have said so).

Isnt this pathetic ? And we can observe that on tracks it also does not perform well.

We will see whether F12 TDF is any faster than F12.

dddd, are you implying that 458 Speciale is not that Special?

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It is sad but Speciale is not that impressive when we talk about track performance and straight line acceleration.

I totally dont understand why Ferrari play so softly.

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daily dose of laughter

See, funny how you should say revving an engine and launch control are completely different things so they shouldn’t be compared. Revving an engine is bare minimum expected for a car to deal with.

revised fluid dynamics

A Ferrari is not built to be durable enough to handle revving, let alone 100 launches over an hour. It’s like comparing learning the alphabet and complex algebra. It’s pathetic

revised alphabet and complex algebra. what is «complex» algebra, by the way? a «complicated» algebra or the algebra of complex numbers?

Lol so revving the engine makes the engine catch fire? That’s pretty pathetic. A Porsche turbo S will allow you to do 100 consequetive launch controls.

revised axioms. i think you forgot 3 zeroes.

easy, if you check sachsenring lap times you’ll notice how strict they are with ferrari and are only given 5 laps to record the best lap time. while porsche does their own testing during the weekend and tweak their cars before handing it over to auto bild guys to set the best lap time.
typical german cheating method, what else is new ? is it worth for ferrari to fly their engineers to germany just for a 1min and 30s test ?

ahmen. french sportauto, few years back tested at spa ferrari 430 scuderia against corvette zr1 For maximum unbiasedness, they used a pilot Soheil Ayari racing in fia-gt1 series for a corvette c6.R team. To make even more crystal clear their agenda, when they have done 7 laps in scuderia and 11 in zr1, finally they managed to be 1 tenth or so faster in the zr1 and sportauto wanted to call it a quit. It was just because of the presence of few ferrari representatives there who complained and asked for an equal number of laps, that they managed to get the final results, as we now them. That’s what it is known as typical «ferrari cheating». The day when italian magazines will start doing the same with foreign cars, italians might start to see the sun rise again. lol

alejandro videos are worth watching while at taco bell and releasing some hot red gas with friends and making mehican jokes.

his videos are closer to prank videos and ginger guy that threatens to kill anyone who makes fun of his hair and freckles.

he works in the prostitution business and is known for being one of the biggest pimps around guadalajara. enuff said

Ferrari + Lamborghini + Porsche

Ferrari + Lamborghini + Porsche

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