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Was Dodge Lucas the whole time?

Who really is Dodge in Locke and Key?

Who Plays Dodge in ‘Locke and Key’? Canadian-Brazilian actress Laysla De Oliveira plays Dodge/Echo in the hit Netflix fantasy series. Since making her debut in the 2012 TV series Covert Affairs, De Oliveira has landed herself roles in The Gifted, Gothica and Guest of Honour.

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Is Dodge a bad guy in Locke and Key?

Dodge was the main antagonist of the Netflix adaptation of Locke & Key. … Dodge’s destruction finally released the real Lucas who had been trapped inside of his own body by the demon.

Was Gabe in Locke and Key always Dodge?

During the Season 1 finale, we discover that Gabe is not who we think he is. Gabe has actually been Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira), a demonic entity who wants to use the Omega Key to open the Black Door, which will release other demons into the world. Of course, Dodge has many talents.

Why can’t Dodge take keys from the Lockes?

The keys are “loyal” to the Lockes and Dodge can’t take them without permission. Dodge is able to take the keys from Sam because he is not a Locke and does not follow the same rules.

How did Lucas become Dodge?

When the original Keepers of the Keys use the keys to open the Black Door, Lucas is hit and becomes possessed by a demon from another world; eventually this demon becomes known as Dodge.

Are Dodge and Lucas the same person?

In short, Dodge is actually a boy named Lucas (Felix Mallard), who is using one of the keys to switch his appearance from male to female. Additionally, Dodge/Lucas is dead. Yes, Lucas was killed after he was possessed by a demon after opening the Omega Door many years ago.

Why is Ellie helping Dodge?

Trivia. Ellie calls Dodge forth using the Echo Key accidentally; she believed she was calling forth her ex-boyfriend, Lucas. When Lucas, Jeff and Kim are killed and the Keepers of the Keys split the keys, she takes possession of the Echo Key and the Identity Key.

Why did Dodge turn evil?

Locke and Key Trailer | Season 2 | Netflix

Gabe is evil because he’s in fact the demon Dodge who owns the Identity key that allows him to switch characters. Dodge goes by as Gabe, Lucas, and Echo, turning from female to male and vice versa in order to collect all the keys and accomplish their malevolent purposes.

How did Lucas become an echo?

Lucas Caravaggio attended Lovecraft Academy with Rendell Locke, Ellie Whedon, Kim Topher, Mark Cho, and Erin Voss. … After Dodge’s defeat, Rendell’s son Tyler would eventually summon an Echo of Lucas, still possessed by the demon. He used the Alpha Key on him, freeing him but killing him a final time in the process.

Did dodge like Kinsey?

Dodge confessing her true feelings for Kinsey Locke. Dodge, also known as as Bode Locke’s alias of the Well Lady, and her alternate persona Gabe, is one of two main overarching antagonists (along with Frederick Gideon) in the TV series Locke and Key.

Does Gabe exist in Locke and Key?

The final moments of Locke & Key Season 1 deliver a shocking revelation about the boy Kinsey’s just chosen to date: he’s actually Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira) in disguise. And the second season of the show confirms fans’ worst fears, revealing that Gabe never existed at all.

How did Gabe take the key from Bode?

Concerned for his safety, Bode Locke follows his uncle to the Keyhouse shed as Duncan relives his memories of forging the Memory Key and having his memories removed by the Keepers of the Keys. With Bode having given Gabe the Ghost Key to use earlier, Gabe takes the key with him as he leaves Keyhouse.

How did Erin Voss get stuck?

When the housekeeper tries to shake Erin awake, she inadvertently dislodges the Head Key from Erin, accidentally trapping Erin inside of her own mind. As a result, Erin is left in a catatonic state for the next twenty-three years.

Why can Gabe take keys?

Through Kinsey, Gabe found out that only Duncan Locke was able to successfully forge a key. Hence, Gabe decided to abduct Duncan to forge a key that would turn humans into demons. With the help of his newly forged Key, Gabe turned humans into demons and built a demonic army to consume the human world.

Who killed Lucas in Locke and Key?

They located the Alpha key and decided to open the black door to bring more demonic iron into the world to forge more magical keys. However, in their selfish attempt, Lucas got possessed by a demon and killed two friends. To save the group, Rendell smashed Lucas’ head and killed him.

Why is Dodge a woman in Locke and Key?

Seeing Mark Cho using the Crown of Shadows, Dodge used the Gender Key, taken from Duncan, to become a woman, Mark used the shadows to drag Dodge to him.

Why is Dodge in the well?

“Dodge” was a nickname that Ellie (Sherri Saum) gave to her boyfriend Lucas (Felix Mallard) because he was good at dodging in hockey. It’s technically Lucas who uses the Head Key to transform himself into Dodge and Gabe to continuously trick the Locke kids — and all their allies — throughout the show.

Why does Dodge want to open the black door?

Dodge is obsessed with finding the keys, particularly the Omega Key, which has the power to open the Black Door. In fact, pretty much all of the show is concerned with the lady from the well and her schemes to get keys versus the kids’ attempts to get them back.

Is Rendell Locke really dead?

Rendell, not knowing what Sam was talking about, attempted to talk Sam down. Sam shot Rendell through the eye, killing him. After Rendell’s death, the family moved to Keyhouse.

What is behind the black door Locke and Key?

In 1988, the Keepers of the Keys use the Omega Key to open the Black Door, resulting in Lucas Caravaggio getting possessed by the demon Dodge. The other Whispering Iron that was left behind when the door was opened is later used by Duncan to create the Memory Key.

Is Shadow and Bone related to Locke and Key?

Like Shadow and Bone, Locke & Key is a page-to-screen fantasy adaptation, the original story written by Joe Hill. Watch Locke & Key on Netflix. TikTok’s Hype House Is Getting Its Own Reality Series — Meet the Cast!

How is Lucas still alive Locke and Key?

Essentially, Lucas is Dodge is Gabe. They’re all the same thing, which is an echo of the original Lucas, who died as a teen. … When Tyler used the Alpha Key, it killed the Dodge/Gabe demon, but left Lucas’ spirit intact. So he’s alive-ish again, albeit will never age.

What do the keys whisper in Locke and Key?

The keys are made out of “Whispering Iron,” a metallic substance that the demons turn into if they pass through the Black Door (the Omega Key door) but do not immediately possess a human host.

Does Duncan know about the keys?

Even without the Riffel Rule, Duncan is unable to remember the existence of magic given his memories were removed by the Head Key due to witnessing a traumatizing event. It’s later revealed that Duncan is one of very few people known to have made new keys, having created the Memory and Demon Keys.

Does Gabe Love Kinsey Locke and Key?

To put it plainly, no: Kinsey and Gabe don’t end up together. Although they do date for a fair amount of the season, Gabe couldn’t keep the truth about who he really was for very long. He had been working with Eden (Hallea Jones) to collect all of the keys, but his plan is foiled.

Is Dodge a girl or boy?

Meaning:‘A famed spear’
Origin:‘English, Germanic’

Did Tyler and Dodge hook up?

In the sixth episode of Netflix’s Locke & Key, “The Black Door,” Tyler Locke (Connor Jessup) is headed towards a low point. … And then things get even worse in the next episode, “Dissection,” when Tyler hooks up with Dodge, drunk, in a car.

Does Kinsey end up with Scott or Gabe?

Kinsey ends up with Scot by the end of Locke & Key season 2. As the season progresses, Kinsey finally learns of Gabe’s real identity and while she initially plays along with their relationship to keep the demonic Dodge happy, the love affair doesn’t last.

How old is Dodge in Locke and Key?

In the comics, Dodge uses a magical implement called the Gender Key to switch from a female identity, to his natural male one. However, since Dodge is still 17 years old — the age he was when he “died” decades earlier — he grows a soul patch and adds a lip ring to go undercover as a student named Zack.

Does Kinsey get her fear back in Locke and Key?

After being removed through the use of the Head Key, Kinsey became completely fearless, but the Fear survived as a separate entity. It was eventually returned by Kinsey to her head.

Why can Ellie remember the keys?

Locke & Key Season 2 Episode 3, “Small World,” finally gives fans an answer about why characters like Ellie remember Keyhouse’s magic. As it turns out, the group made a key specifically for that purpose. The Memory Key enables those who use it to reach adulthood without letting go of their memories.

Why does Erin take the chain key?

Erin uses the Chain Key to bind Godge. She drags him back towards her, and he semi-morphs into his demon form. Unfortunately, Evil-den knocks her out before she can get Godge the heck out of there and into the well house.

Is Eden a demon now?

As the last scene of the episode confirms, audiences would be right to worry — and Eden Hawkins (Hallea Jones) is at the center of Locke season 1’s inevitable cliffhanger. Because Eden just might be a demon now. Eden’s terrible twist of fate comes down to a moment of selflessness.

What is an Echo in Locke and Key?

The show’s villainous Dodge isn’t human, but that comes with both pros and cons.

Laysla De Oliveira plays Dodge in Locke and Key season 2

Published: Tuesday, 26th October 2021 at 1:56 pm
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Locke and Key season two finally landed on Netflix last week and took the story to exciting new heights, as Tyler, Kinsey and Bode found themselves defending against more vicious attacks from the malevolent Dodge.

Making matters particularly difficult is that their cunning nemesis is not a mere mortal, but an «Echo» of someone their father once knew, meaning they cannot be defeated by conventional means.

Following the latest batch of episodes, which arrived more than 18 months after the show’s initial debut, some viewers have been left scratching their heads over the exact nature of an Echo and how they differ to a human.

Fortunately, we have the answers, so read on for Locke and Key’s Echo explained.

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Locke and Key’s Echo explained

While an Echo has proven to be a terrifying problem for the Locke children to contend with, they are not inherently evil and have in fact been allies to the family at certain points in the comic books.

The Echo is created when someone uses the Echo Key to enter the Wellhouse on the grounds of Locke Manor, and then calls the name of a deceased person they wish to speak to.

In the source material by Joe Hill, members of the Locke family have used this to communicate with lost relatives, getting advice or closure on emotional challenges in their life.

This was what gym teacher Ellie Whedon had intended when she summoned the Echo of her former lover Lucas Caravaggio, who was killed under grim circumstances when he was possessed by a demon from beyond the Black Door.

Unfortunately, she did not anticipate that the same demon that took hold of his soul would return with him in Echo form, making this twisted new Lucas a grave threat to the people of Matheson.

This unpleasant surprise confirms that the Wellhouse brings back an Echo of the chosen person’s soul in the state it was in at the time of their death – which is why the newly resurrected Frederick Gideon is such a threat.

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Who plays Echo in Locke and Key?

Dodge takes several forms in Locke and Key and has therefore been played by three members of the Locke and Key cast, with Laysla De Oliveira, Felix Mallard and Griffin Gluck sharing the role in the first two seasons.

Locke and Key: Differences between an Echo and a human

Felix Mallard plays Lucas Caravaggio in Locke and Key

The crucial difference between an Echo and a human being is that Echos cannot be killed by physical means, allowing them to survive perilous situations and even the most brutal of fights.

As a result, the Locke family must find a way to defeat their nemesis using the magical powers that the keys grant, with one option explored in the new season being confining Dodge to the Wellhouse.

Indeed, another important thing that separates an Echo from a human is that they cannot step in or out of the Wellhouse without dissipating, which is why Dodge required the Anywhere Key to escape his imprisonment therein.

This powerful tool allowed him to leave the Wellhouse without technically crossing its threshold, and thus avoid being wiped from existence.

In the comic books, it has been theorised by one of the Locke’s ancestors that Echos do not appreciate being summoned to the mortal plane as it tears them away from the afterlife.

Locke and Key seasons 1-2 are streaming now on Netflix. Read our guides to the best series on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix, check out more of our Fantasy coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.

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