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What color car is the most accident prone?

What color car is the most accident prone?

When car insurance companies make calculations on the premiums that different customers pay, they hedge all of the potential costs they could incur should a crash happen. For example, if a luxury car is in an accident, the cost for those repairs is going to be much higher than a regular, mid-level model. Or, when one car has a higher safety rating than another, an insurance company may surmise that there could be less physical bodily harm and death for these vehicles versus those that have less safety technology and gear.

There are even those things that we cannot control that are used in the determination of car insurance costs. For instance, young males tend to cost more to insure than their young female counterparts. The reason why is because statistically, young men are more risky drivers and as a result, they are engaged in traffic accidents, are injured, and die more after a crash than females their same age do. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, crash deaths for a period of 45 years from 1975 through 2020, showed that males consistently died in numbers more than twice what females did from automobile accidents. Insurance companies take the statistics into consideration when rating the safety of a driver along with the type of car that they drive.

In Florida, it is possible for certain family members to pursue a Florida wrongful death claim to obtain compensation on behalf of a deceased loved one who lost their lives in a crash. To learn more, please connect with the Jacksonville wrongful death attorneys at The Law Offices of Sheftall & Associates.

How Can Color Increase Insurance Premiums

The Most Dangerous Car Color

The color of a car does have an impact on insurance premiums and also safety in some respects, but not a direct one. In terms of insurance premiums, if you ever heard that some car colors are more perilous and therefore cost more for insurance coverage this is not actually the case.

Considering that a car insurance company has to think about how much a car would cost to fix, they have to consider what is needed for those fixes. To illustrate this, think about a red car that is painted with a widely used shade of red that is also popular. It is likely that getting the red paint needed to fix this red car may be easier and therefore less expensive than some other colors. When a car has a color that is not as accessible, it could be more expensive to fix should a crash happen. The same is true for those individuals that choose to do a custom paint job. Replicating the paint seamlessly after a crash is a much more intricate and difficult task, so the overall costs of repair would be more. In this sense, car color could have an impact on insurance premiums.

Most Dangerous Car Colors

Overall, those colors that are bright and easily seen are going to be the safest. For this reason, vivid white, vibrant yellow, gold, and bold oranges are going to stick out from their environment and from others around them. As a result, they are going to be seen more easily by the human eye. This can make them less likely to be hit or noticed by other drivers trying to avoid being hit themselves.

Darker cars, though, and those that tend to have colors that blend in with that of the road and the environment are going to have high rates of crashes and be more dangerous. There is a lot of green outside especially in the warmer months. Therefore even though shades of green can be pretty and be a throwback to retro days, it is harder to identify cars with the color green.

Are heavier motorcycles better in the wind?

Blue is similar to green in that there are many things that a blue car can coalesce with like the blue sky. At night, a dark blue car can be very difficult to make out and may only have its headlights as a sign that they are on the road.

A red color could seem robust, but because there is so much red on the road, this too can drown out the deep hue. Brake lights are red, red lights shine bright, stop signs are red and more.

By far, though, the most dangerous color vehicle to have is black. In terms of research into car safety, black cars can have some of the highest rates of car accidents when compared to lighter options. In fact, a black car may have a risk of being in an accident 47% more so than another car with a color that is not as deep.

Car Safety Considerations

Therefore, there are many things to think about when you are purchasing a car. When safety is a primary issue, not only should safety rating be used as a determining factor but color should also be. The most important thing for a driver to do is to be responsible while behind the wheel to avoid a crash. But, if there are other things that can help, like a boost in visibility with the color of a car, this may be worthwhile.

According to the Kelley Blue Book, white tends to be the most popular color for all types of automobiles . Gray and black come in just after white for most vehicle types.

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Car Color & Crash Risk: What You Need to Know

What’s most important to you when you buy or lease a new car? Safety features and safety ratings are probably at the top of your list. One thing that you might not consider to be all that important is color. After all, color is just a detail, right? Not necessarily. Research suggests that certain color vehicles are more dangerous to drive than others. You might want to keep this in mind the next time you’re thinking about getting a new family car.

What is the Safest Color Car to Drive?

There are two schools of thought. Some studies suggest that yellow is, by far, the safest color car you can drive. It’s bright. It’s easy to see. It stands out against almost any background. If you think about it, there’s probably a reason why school buses are bright yellow.

Other research shows that white vehicles are your safest option. The reasoning is the same – white stands out and tends to be highly visible. That might be why a lot of ambulances and police cars are white – they’re easy to spot on the road.

What’s the Most Dangerous Color Car to Drive?

Multiple studies have concluded that black is the most dangerous color car you can drive. Black vehicles are involved in significantly more crashes than other color cars. Most researchers believe that this is likely due to the fact that black cars can be really tough to see.

Ranking the Most Dangerous Color Cars

After reviewing hundreds of thousands of crashes over more than two decades, researchers have determined that a car’s color might influence the likelihood of getting into a car accident. Here’s a ranking of car color and crash risk, beginning with the color that’s considered to be the most dangerous.

Black Cars

Of all the colors, black is considered to be the riskiest choice. Why? Research suggests that black vehicles are involved in accidents much more frequently than other color cars. During the day, black vehicles are associated with about a 12 percent increase in crash risk. At night, you’re about 47 percent more likely to get into an accident when you’re driving a black car.

Why used cars are so expensive?

Why are black cars more dangerous? They can be difficult to see, particularly at night. Black vehicles blend in easily, which might be why more and more police departments across the country are painting their patrol cars black.

Grey Cars

Grey cars are really popular – you see them everywhere. However, research shows that the risk of an accident increases by about 11 percent when you’re behind the wheel of a grey car.

Why? Grey cars aren’t all that easy to spot on the road. They can be tough to see, especially when it’s raining or cloudy.

Silver Cars

Research on silver cars is divided. Some researchers believe that silver cars are just about as dangerous as grey cars, exhibiting a 10 percent increase in crash risk. At least one study, however, found that silver cars might be one of your safer choices. In that study, researchers suggested that silver cars are 50 percent less likely to be in an accident than yellow ones.

Why would studies have such diverse findings? A lot of different factors could influence results – the shade of silver, whether the crashes were in rural or urban areas, or even the weather.

Blue Cars

Compared to other colors, blue cars tend to fall in the middle in terms of potential crash risk. They tend to be safer than the most dangerous colors, but riskier than the safest colors. Driving a blue car is associated with a 7 percent increase in crash risk.

A blue car’s crash risk might actually depend on the vehicle’s particular shade. Lighter blue cars might be more easily spotted. Darker colors might blend into the background or sky, making them tougher to see.

Red Cars

Red cars have gotten a bad rap over time. A lot of people avoid buying red color cars because they believe the police are more likely to stop you if you’re driving a red car. However, studies suggest that this isn’t necessarily true. White cars are actually stopped the most. If those same people are choosing black or dark cars over red, they might be forfeiting a little bit of safety.

Red cars, like blue ones, are in the middle of the pack. Driving a red car is associated with about a 7 percent increase in crash risk when compared to the safest colors.

Green Cars

Green cars are about as safe as it gets if you don’t want to drive a bright yellow or white car. Green cars aren’t really associated with a huge increase in crash risk. However, they’re not touted as the safest option because they can blend into the background under the right circumstances. This is particularly true if you drive in rural areas surrounded by grass or forest.

Gold Cars

You probably don’t see a lot of gold cars out on the road. However, gold might be a good choice if you’re interested in reducing your risk of getting into an accident. Gold stands out, so it’s highly visible.

Orange Cars

Orange cars aren’t too popular. However, it’s really easy to spot one when it’s on the road. That might be why orange cars are considered to be one of the safest choices.

White Cars

White cars are incredibly popular. One retailer revealed that white cars account for about 20 percent of all annual sales. For good reason. At least one study of accident crash data found that white cars tend to be involved in fewer crashes than other colors.

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Yellow Cars

If you want to stand out and reduce the risk of getting into an accident, think about choosing a bright yellow car. At least one study found that yellow cars are associated with the lowest crash risk.

Other Factors Also Impact Crash Risk

It’s important to keep in mind that the color of your car is just one factor to consider. Buying a black car doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely get into an accident. At the same time, buying a white car or yellow car doesn’t mean that you’ll definitely avoid a crash. Several other factors can influence your risk of getting into an accident. These include:

Distracted Driving: Taking your eyes off the road while driving is one of the most dangerous things you can do. Distracted driving is a factor in about 25 percent of all fatal car accidents. For accidents involving teen drivers, distractions contribute to about 58 percent of those crashes.

Drunk Driving: Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol is dangerous. The color of your car won’t really matter too much if you’re drunk. Drunk driving accounts for about one-third of all fatal car accidents in the United States every year.

Fatigued Driving: Some studies suggest that driving while tired is just as dangerous, if not more dangerous, than driving drunk.

Aggressive Driving Behaviors: You can significantly reduce the likelihood of an accident by obeying the law and driving safely. Unfortunately, not everyone is cautious behind the wheel. Aggressive driving behaviors, such as speeding, tailgating, and making unsafe turns, contribute to a staggering number of car accidents every year.

Other factors – such as hazardous weather, traffic, and road conditions – can also make an accident more likely.

Get Help From Our Miami, FL Auto Accident Lawyers

Even if you drive with caution and choose the safest color car, there’s still a chance you’ll get into a collision. If that happens to you and someone else is at least partly to blame, you may be entitled to compensation. The money you get can help with things like medical bills, lost wages, and even your pain and suffering.

The personal injury lawyers in Miami at Lavent Law Personal Injury Lawyer can help you fight to maximize your award. Give us a call today to schedule a free consultation and learn more.

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Should I clutch when braking motorcycle?

Most Dangerous Car Colours Revealed

credit Shutterstock

Drivers have been warned to think carefully about what car they choose because certain colour choices can put them at a significantly higher risk of an accident.

According to road safety company Road Angel, motorists who own a red vehicle are most likely to be in danger on the roads.

While the safety features and ratings are at the top of the list when searching for a new ride, drivers are being urged to consider opting for a statistically safer shade.

Research has revealed that a staggering 60% of red cars have reportedly been in accidents, making it the most dangerous colour vehicle to drive.

The shade is strongly associated with danger, and men are 12% more likely to prefer a red car than women.

Coupled with the fact that a high proportion of sports cars are red, which are manufactured for speed, it makes sense why the colour choice is so risky.

The next most dangerous car colour is brown, where 59% of car owners have reportedly been in an accident.

Motorists with a black car should also be extremely cautious, as 57% of drivers with the car colour have reported incidents.

Black is the second most popular car colour in the UK, with over 324,000 motors shifted wearing that shade, so it is no surprise that it, too, made the top three list.

For both black and brown cars, visibility seems to contribute to why so many accidents were reported.

Owners of darker coloured vehicles could pay a higher insurance premium as insurers factor visibility into their calculations of likelihood of having an accident.

The darker colours make it harder for them to be seen on the roads, especially at night, and they also blend more into the surroundings than other shades.

For this reason, white is one of the safer colours cars to purchase as the shade makes vehicles highly visible and easy to spot on the roads.

Gary Digva from Road Angel said:
“ There are several factors that can play a more significant role in accidents on the road, including the quality of the driving and the condition of a car.

“Other external factors include weather conditions, traffic and visibility, so buying a red car doesn’t mean you will definitely get into an accident.

“By this logic, buying a white car doesn’t mean you are invincible on the roads, so drivers should always be cautious and cautious when behind the wheel.

“Being distracted, not looking properly, speeding, and careless driving are the leading causes of road accidents.

“However, this research into car colours and accidents can be something drivers think about when making their next purchase if they want to minimise their risks.

“Consider a highly visible car that stands out from its surroundings, but most importantly, always stick to the road rules and driver safety.”

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