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What is cool vs AUTO mode in AC?

Thermostat Settings

Thermostat Settings

Having a centralized heating and air conditioning system can be great for keeping your home comfortable throughout the entire year. However, to achieve the optimal temperature that you’re looking for, you need to be able to maneuver the settings on your thermostat. There are a few basic thermostat settings that you need to understand so that you can effectively set your thermostat. Without knowing the thermostat setting, your thermostat may not reach your set temperature.

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Your digital thermostat will display at least two different temperatures. One of these temperatures is the actual temperature of your home. The second is the desired temperature that you’re able to change whenever your thermostat is in auto or run mode. It will read the desired temperature that you have set and will turn your system on to achieve that desired temperature.

For example, if it’s the middle of summer and you would like your home to be at a cool 76 degrees, you’ll set the temperature on your thermostat to 76 degrees. When you have your thermostat to auto mode, the air conditioner will kick on whenever the temperature in your home gets above your desired temperature of 76 degrees.

On Mode

One of the most basic modes that you can set thermostat to is the ‘on mode.’ This turns on the air handler, which circulates air throughout the ductwork inside of your home. ‘On mode’ is perfect for when you need to freshen up stale air that formed in infrequently used rooms in your home. However, it’s important to realize that when your system is turned to on mode, it will continuously run until you manually shut it off.

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Thermostat Auto Mode

One thermostat mode that your system is likely to spend a lot of time in is auto mode. The thermostat auto mode runs based on your desired temperature setting and the actual room temperature.

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For example, in the summertime, you may have your thermostat set at 78 degrees. Whenever your thermostat reads that the actual temperature inside of your home is above 78 degrees, it will automatically turn on your air conditioning system. By putting the auto setting on thermostat, your air conditioning system will continue to run until the actual indoor air temperature matches your desired indoor temperature. Putting your thermostat in auto mode can be run in both the heat and cool settings.

Heat/Cool Mode on Thermostat

What does heat and cool mean on thermostat? Two fairly straightforward modes are heat mode and cool mode. You’ll want to have your thermostat set to heat mode in the wintertime and air conditioner auto mode in the summertime. In order for your system to run on auto mode, you’ll need to have either the heat mode or cool mode on. This way, your thermostat knows whether to turn on the furnace or the air conditioner modes.

What Does Run Mean on a Thermostat?

What does run and hold mean on a thermostat? If you’re like most homeowners, you have a smart or programmable thermostat. These types of thermostats allow you to program desired temperatures for every day of the week and each hour throughout those days. This capability can provide you with a massive amount of energy savings as you can optimize system usage for when you’re at home and when you’re away from home.

If you’ve taken advantage of your programmable thermostat, then your thermostat will naturally use run mode. Instead of being in auto mode, which means that your thermostat is changing the temperature based on the one desired temperature that you have programmed into it, the run mode allows your thermostat to work based on the variety of programmed temperatures you have stored in it. Take a look at thermostat run vs hold.

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What Does Hold Mean on Thermostat?

If you’re using a programmable thermostat at your house, it’s likely that the device spends the majority of its time in run mode. While this is great for a normal schedule, it can be a pain when your schedule changes. What does hold mean on a thermostat? Fortunately, hold mode is a great option that allows you to quickly suspend your pre-programmed settings.

When you place your thermostat into hold mode, it switches back to auto mode. This means that you can alter the desired temperature to whatever you would like. Such a capability is great for those times when your schedule runs differently from the norm, and you don’t want to have to mess around with your thermostat settings. Whenever you’re ready to go back to your pre-programmed settings, all you have to do is switch from hold mode to run mode.

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Is Auto Mode on an A/C Unit More Cost Efficient?

Is Auto Mode on an A/C Unit More Cost Efficient?

Is Auto Mode on an A/C Unit More Cost Efficient?

It is important to know everything about your HVAC unit to make sure that you are using the appropriate settings. Using the right setting can help you adequately control your home’s temperature and keep your electric bill low.

AUTO and ON Air Conditioning Modes

Your air conditioner has two operation modes, the AUTO and ON mode. When you have your air conditioner set to the AUTO mode, the fan that moves the air-conditioned air throughout your house is on as well as the compressor. In AUTO mode, your unit will cut off once it has reached the temperature set by the thermostat. In the ON mode, your air conditioner fan will run continuously, even when the compressor is not on.

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So which mode should you use? Here are some benefits to leaving your unit in the AUTO mode:

Energy Efficiency

When you have your air conditioner set on the ON mode, the fan is constantly running. This will cause an increased electricity draw, which will increase your power bills. It may be costing you a lot more money by running your unit this way. Switching your air conditioning unit over to AUTO will use less power and be more efficient.

Humidity Control

Your air conditioner will remove humidity from your air. When the system is in AUTO mode, the formed moisture droplets are whisked away into the drain pan. When your air conditioner in the ON mode, the moisture evaporates and returns to the air in your home. High humidity in your home can cause a wide variety of issues not only to your health and comfort but your home itself.

The Benefit of ON Mode

If you are an allergy sufferer, you might want to leave your air conditioner in ON mode. This is due to the fan continuously circulating air throughout your house. When this is done, the filter can get more allergen particles like dander, pollen, and dust. You will need to make sure that you change your filters frequently so that the air conditioner works at maximum capacity. If a filter becomes clogged, this will make the air conditioner work harder, leading to possible breakdowns and higher energy bills.

Most people choose to leave their air conditioner set on the AUTO mode, which we recommend unless you suffer from severe allergies. If you are having an issue with your unit or want to learn more about how your air conditioner functions, please contact us at Romano Bros. Heating & Air today. We are here to help you no matter what HVAC needs you have.

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Cool Mode vs Dry Mode vs Fan Mode

Copyright: andreypopov / 123RF Stock Photo

Singapore has all the leading brands of aircon. These brands have various lines and models with different features. Aircon modes are cool mode, dry mode and fan mode. Each mode has pros, cons and usefulness. In this article, we are explaining in detail the advantages, disadvantages and how each mode function.

#1 — Cool mode

This is the standard mode of the aircon unit. An air conditioning unit runs in a cool mode when operated properly. Proper operation means that when the cooling part of an aircon is activated, it cools the air effectively.

How does the cool mode operate

When it is turned on, the compressor cools the air by taking heat out and pushing cold air inside the house. The options in the remote and the unit, helps the user to increase or decrease air temperature easily.

What is the benefit of the cool mode?

The major benefit of cool mode is to cool the room. For the cool mode to be effective, the unit should be maintained in an excellent condition.

#2 — Dry mode

It is responsible for getting rid of excess humidity in the room. It does not cool the air. It is located in front of the air conditioning unit or on the remote control. You can just press the button made for this mode or choose from the options available in the menu in the remote control.

How does the Dry Mode operate?

When activated, it sucks water from the air. The collected water is then emptied through a drain pipe. For water to be prevented from being collected in the air conditioning unit, the drain pipe should be maintained in a good condition to make the unit to work flawlessly.

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What is the advantage of the Dry Mode?

It saves you money. No need to purchase a different dehumidifier, because dry mode provides a relative humidity level in the room.

#3 — The Fan Mode

It circulates fresh air in the room and not responsible for cooling the air that enters the room.

How does the fan mode operate?

Fan from the air conditioning starts running without starting the compressor.

What is the benefit of the Fan Mode?

During cool weather, to save on electricity you might want to have fan instead of aircon, you can switch on this mode. This can also let you save on getting yourself another fan.

Other functions from the remote controller

#Operation mode indicator – Indicates selected operation mode

#Sub mode – Indicates the selected air rate.

#Set temperature button – Sets the room temperature.

#Time indicator – For indication of the time during timer operation and indicates present time during normal operation

#Sleep button – Changes to sleep operation.

#Auto start button — Selects timed starting.

#Auto stop button — Selects timed stopping.

#Clock button – Sets clock.

#Reset button – Lets the computer to reset.

#Time set button – For setting present time and auto start or auto stop.

#Swing button – Adjusts the air swing direction.

#Fan speed button – Sets air rate.

#Operation mode select button – Changes the mix from auto → cool → dry → heat → fan.

#Vane control button – Changes the flap mode.

#On/off button – Starts operation when pressed, and stops operation when repressed.

#Air flow indicator – Indicates selected flap mode.

#Temperature indicator – Indicates the set temperature.

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