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Which Tesla color is most durable?

Tesla Colors: Which Offer the Most and Least Deals?

According to a recent iSeeCars study, brown versions of the Tesla Model S are the most likely to offer deals, while red models are the least likely.

The study analyzed more than 4.1 million vehicles to determine which car colors are more likely to provide used car deals, defined as savings of 10% or more off the market value and identified the car colors that provide the most and least deals.

As part of its vehicle segment analysis, iSeeCars examined electric vehicles with a focus on the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X . The data only included vehicles from the 2014-2016 model years, so the Tesla Model 3 and newer EVs were excluded from the analysis.

Model S and Model X: Tesla Colors with the Most and Least Deals

Tesla Model S Deals

iSeeCars examined the colors for the Tesla Model S to see which color offered the most and least deals on used car models:

iSeeCars Ranking of Tesla Model S Deals by Color
RankColor% Deals Compared to Model Average

iSeeCars found that, on average, 28.2 percent of Tesla Model S models are deeply discounted.

When compared to that average, the color that provides the most deals is brown, which is over 25 percent more likely to provide savings of 10 percent or more. “Tesla discontinued the color in late 2014 because it wasn’t popular, which explains why it is the most frequently discounted color,” said iSeeCars CEO Phong Ly.

Gray, green, and blue round out the colors that are more likely than average to be discounted. “After solid black and pearl white multi-coat, gray is the third-most common Model S color, which suggests that there may be more supply than demand for the color on the used car market,” said Ly. “Green was discontinued in 2015 likely due to low demand, and blue hues typically aren’t as popular with luxury car buyers.”

As for the colors that have less of a chance of offering significant deals, black falls just below average. “The most popular color for the Model S is black, which is commonly associated with luxury and a favorite among luxury car shoppers,” said Ly. “Tesla has two black hues, solid black and obsidian black metallic, and the metallic was removed from the lineup in September 2018.”

White, silver, and red round out the Model S colors that are the least likely to be discounted. “These car colors are popular for sports cars, so Tesla buyers are likely to buy them even if they aren’t competitively priced,” said Ly. “Tesla recently raised the price of its red multi-coat models to be its most expensive paint option, so demand is likely raised because used car buyers recognize its added value.”

Tesla Model X Deals

iSeeCars also analyzed the Tesla Model X to determine the likelihood of deals based on paint color. On average, 16.9 percent of Tesla Model X models are discounted by at least 10 percent.

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iSeeCars Ranking of Tesla Model X Deals by Color
RankColor% Deals Compared to Model Average

Blue, or deep blue metallic, is the color that is most likely to provide Model X deals followed closely by red. “Blue and red are also the colors with the lowest Model X inventory in the used car marketplace,” said Ly. “These colors are more popular for sporty cars, so luxury SUV buyers likely prefer a more neutral hue,” said Ly.

Ranked third is silver, followed by gray. “Tesla’s metallic silver color wasn’t as popular with buyers, which led to its discontinuation,” said Ly. “Its dark gray color, or midnight silver metallic is slightly more popular and is discounted close to average.”

Black and white are the colors that are less likely than average to be discounted. “Black and white are the most popular colors across all vehicle types,” said Ly. “While the most popular color options are often discounted because the supply is high in the secondary marketplace, it isn’t the case with Model X’s because inventory is still relatively low.”

Electric Cars — Colors with the Most and Least Deals

iSeeCars analyzed specifically electric vehicles (EV) models to see which colors provide the most and least deals when compared to the model’s average.

Color With the Most DealsColor With the Least Deals
ModelColor% Deals Compared to Model AverageColor% Deals Compared to Model Average
BMW i3Silver22.0%Orange-14.6%
BMW i8Gray8.9%Blue-3.6%
Chevrolet VoltSilver12.0%White-5.4%
Fiat 500eGray7.4%White-21.3%
Kia Soul EVBlue6.4%Gray-9.6%
Nissan LEAFRed14.3%White-6.8%
Tesla Model SBrown25.6%Red-11.2%
Tesla Model XBlue9.8%White-10.9%
Volkswagen e-GolfWhite12.7%Blue-5.1%

When looking at EV models, the color that is the most likely to have deals for each model varies widely. Silver, gray, and blue provide the most deals for two models each; brown, white, and red each provide the most deals on a single model. “The EVs with the most deals tend to be in the more common colors, but some models like the Teslas, the Kia Soul EV, and the Nissan LEAF defy that trend,” said Ly.

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White is the color that is least likely to be discounted across four EV models: the Chevrolet Volt, the Fiat 500e, the Nissan Leaf, and the Tesla Model X. “White is among the more popular color choices for these models, so the high demand may allow dealers to not be as competitive with their pricing,” said Ly.

“It’s important to do some research before making any purchase to find out whether the car you’re considering really is priced well,” said Ly. “For Teslas, less-popular colors might be discounted more often, but you can still find deals on common colors.”

For information on which colors provide the most and least deals across all vehicle types and data for additional vehicle segments, read the full study.


i analyzed more than 4.1 million three- to five-year-old used vehicles sold between January and August of 2019. Each vehicle was classified as a deal if it was priced with savings of ten percent or more off the car’s market value as calculated by iSeeCars. For each color, vehicle segment, and nameplate, the chances of finding a deal were mathematically modeled.

About is a car search engine that helps shoppers find the best car deals by providing key insights and valuable resources, like the iSeeCars VIN check report . has saved users over $196 million so far by applying big data analytics powered by over 25 billion (and growing) data points and using proprietary algorithms to objectively analyze, score and rank millions of cars and thousands of dealers. Based in the Boston area, was founded by TripAdvisor and SAP veterans determined to improve the car shopping experience for consumers.

Tesla Begins to Offer New ‘Ultra Red’ Paint Color

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Tesla has launched a new paint color option called «Ultra Red» for the Model S and Model X, which are built at Tesla’s Fremont factory.

This new paint color replaces the previous Red Multi-Coat option that was offered on these vehicles and is still available for the Model 3 and Model Y in various regions.

A couple of months ago Tesla’s Chief Designer, Franz von Holzhausen alluded to new paint colors coming to North America.

Many were hoping the new colors would include the new Giga Berlin exclusive colors of Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver.

However, this new ‘Ultra Red,’ appears to be much more similar to Midnight Cherry Red than the Red Multi-Coat it replaces.

The new color appears to be slightly lighter than Midnight Cherry Red, but noticeably darker than the Red Multi-Coat paint. Midnight Cherry Red utilizes many layers of paint (up to 13) that we’re told are only possible at Giga Berlin. Tesla may be trying to achieve a similar color to Midnight Cherry Red with Ultra Red, but working with the limitations of the Fremont paint shop.

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Although the new color is currently only available for the Model S and Model X, it’s possible it could spread to the Model 3 and Model Y as well.

Tesla is all about being able to manufacture at scale efficiently, so we don’t see Tesla keeping three different red paint options around long-term. We’ll likely see Tesla consolidate the options down to Midnight Cherry Red and Ultra Red in the future.

The new paint color for the Model S and Model X costs an additional $3,000 USD.

The news of this new paint color comes on the heels of a rumor that Tesla’s next-gen platform may not use paint at all, instead opting for a stainless steel-like look of the Cybertruck.

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Musk Envisions F1 Event Incorporating Electric Vehicles after Miami Grand Prix Visit

May 8, 2023
By Kevin Armstrong

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Elon Musk attends the Miami F1 Grand Prix with his son

Elon Musk attends the Miami F1 Grand Prix with his son
Red Bull Racing

Tesla CEO Elon Musk attended the Miami Grand Prix over the weekend. During his visit, he participated in discussions on aerodynamics and battery technology, sharing his enthusiasm for electric vehicles and Formula 1 racing.

Musk, who brought his young son to the event, mingled with F1 leaders and visited the Red Bull garage. He was warmly welcomed by the F1 community, chatting with F1 Chief Stefano Domenicali and posing for photos with team boss Christian Horner and drivers Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez.

Musk Suggests an Electric Vehicle vs Gas/Hybrid F1 Race

Following his visit, Musk took to Twitter to share an unconventional idea for Formula 1. He tweeted, «Fun discussion of aero and battery technology in F1. I proposed a pure EV vs gas/hybrid F1 race.» This suggestion envisioned a new kind of racing event, bringing together the worlds of electric vehicles and traditional Formula 1 competition.

However, fans quickly pointed out that a similar concept already exists in Formula E, the all-electric single-seater racing series. Several Twitter users responded to Musk’s tweet, reminding him of the established competition. One user wrote, «There’s Formula E, buddy,» while another chimed in, «There is already a competition like F1 for electric cars.»

Improving Tesla Service

This isn’t the first time Musk has included F1 in a tweet. In May of 2022, he tweeted: Excited to work with Tesla Service to enable same-hour service as often as possible! Applying Formula 1 pit crew techniques to Teslas. It doesn’t appear that those techniques have been incorporated, as F1 pitstops are around 2.4 seconds.

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Fans Remind Musk of the Existing Formula E Racing Series

Despite the reminder, many fans encouraged Musk to become more involved in Formula 1, suggesting that he could use his influence and resources to innovate and push the boundaries of the sport. Some proposed ideas included having a Tesla Plaid car join the race or even Musk buying a team and competing directly.

While Musk’s proposal may not have been entirely original, it did spark conversation and generated interest in the possibilities of integrating electric vehicle technology into the world of Formula 1. As the electric vehicle market continues to grow, the future of racing may see a convergence of traditional and cutting-edge technologies.

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Tesla FSD Beta 11.4.1 is Excellent states Elon Musk

May 6, 2023
By Kevin Armstrong

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FSD Beta 11.4.x will be the next major FSD Beta release

FSD Beta 11.4.x will be the next major FSD Beta release

The excitement around Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta 11.4.1 update continues to build after Elon Musk shared his latest experiences with the system. Musk tweeted about FSD Beta 11.4, stating it was «excellent» after driving to random pin drop locations in Austin, Texas, with «zero safety-critical interventions.»

Video Showcases Impressive FSD Performance

Musk was responding to a tweet from Whole Mars Catalog, a popular Tesla-focused Twitter account. The tweet showcased the impressive performance of FSD Beta 11.3.6. In a recent video (below), his Tesla successfully navigated from Fort Point to Chestnut Street in San Francisco, California, with zero takeovers. The car demonstrated its ability to handle several situations involving pedestrians safely and effectively.

FSD Beta 11.4 released to Tesla employees two weeks ago. The company prioritized refining vehicle performance rather than introducing new features in this update. Notable improvements include enhanced pedestrian recognition and response, better responsiveness to vulnerable road users, and weather-adaptive speed control.

Enhanced Safety Features and Driving Performance

Tesla’s commitment to perfecting its FSD technology is evident in the rapid succession of updates and refinements. The company has used fleet learning, user feedback, and rigorous testing to bring autonomous driving closer to reality. As Tesla continues to expand its fleet of FSD Beta testers, crucial data is gathered to make further enhancements and address challenges faced in previous versions.

As Tesla moves closer to a public release of FSD Beta 11.4.1, users eagerly await the enhanced safety features and improved driving performance that this cutting-edge technology will bring to their vehicles. Elon Musk’s recent tweet and Whole Mars Blog’s video are sure to heighten anticipation among Tesla owners and enthusiasts.

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While Tesla works tirelessly to advance its autonomous driving system, Elon Musk continues to emphasize the importance of driver vigilance while using the FSD Beta. The system may not detect all objects or brakes for crossing traffic or stationary objects, particularly at high speeds. However, Tesla’s continuous push for autonomy and commitment to addressing these challenges make it clear that the company prioritizes safety as it moves towards a future with autonomous vehicles.

Tesla paint color code and touch-up pencils

Tesla paint color code

Each Tesla paint color has its own color code. If you need a touch-up pencil because of a small stone chip or other damage, you need to know the exact color code of your vehicle. The following table shows the color number of all Tesla variants and matching offers from

Model 3,S,X,Y Interior LED Lights Bulbs Kit

by BougeRV

Trunk Light & Frunk Light & Puddle Light & Foot Well Lights & Glove box light.

Price: $ 33.98 ($ 8.50 / Count) Buy now at Amazon*

Price incl. VAT., Excl. Shipping

Last updated on 05/07/2023 at 4:25 pm — Image source: Amazon Affiliate Program. All statements without guarantee.

Tesla color code / paint number

Even though Amazon offers also include different vehicle models, the same color tone between model S, X, 3 and Y is always identical. The correct color code is decisive.

Color nameColor Product
Signature RedPPSRRepair set*
Solid WhitePBCWRepair set*
Solid BlackPBSBRepair set*
Metallic BrownPMABRepair set*
Obsidian Black MetallicPMBLRepair set*
Blue MetallicPMMBRepair set*
Midnight Silver Metallic. (Formerly also called «Steel Grey Pearl Metallic»)PMNGRepair set*
Green MetallicPMSGRepair set*
Silver MetallicPMSSRepair set*
Dolphin Grey MetallicPMTGRepair set*
Deep Blue MetallicPPSBRepair set*
Titanium MetallicPPTIRepair set*
Red Multi-CoatPPMRRepair set*
Pearl White Multi-CoatPPSWRepair set*
Rims ColorColor code
Midnight Silver*PMNG/NEU-112E
Onyx BlackONYX
Sonic Carbon*NEU-106E
Sonic SilverNEU-107E

Where do I find my color code?

The four-digit color code for touch-up pencils and touch-up kits is located on the label in the frame of the driver door.

Shop for Tesla accessories at* and get 10% off with coupon code: TESLADRIVER


* = This post contains Affiliate Links. You support if you buy through these links. There are no additional costs for you. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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